Remittance Trends over Time


Remittance Trends over Time

This time series chart shows annual remittance inflows and outflows by country from 1980 to present (either in current U.S. dollars or as a share of total gross domestic product, GDP). Multiple countries can be selected from the menu.


1) All numbers are in current (nominal) U.S. $. This means that dollar values are not constant between years, e.g. a 1980 dollar may have greater purchasing power than a 2020 dollar.

2)    Remittance inflows and outflows for 2020 are based on World Bank preliminary estimates.


1) Migration Policy Institute tabulations of data from the World Bank Prospects Group. Annual Remittance Data (May 2021 update).  Available here:

2) Gross domestic product estimates are from Migration Policy Institute tabulations of World Bank World Development Indicators data. GDP (current U.S. $) (June 2021 update). Available here: